Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission

About Us

With a view to provide easy and close access to the needy victims of human rights violations, the State Human Rights Commission was constituted in the state of Madhya Pradesh in September 1995. Madhya Pradesh was amongst the first few States to constitute this Commission. The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission is an expression of the concern for the protection and promotion of human rights.

The Commission derives its autonomous status inter-alia, from the method of appointing its members, their fixity of tenure and statutory guarantees thereto, the status they have been accorded and the manner in which the staff responsibility to the commission including its investigative agency will be appointed and conduct themselves. The financial autonomy of the commission is spelt out in section 33 of the Act.

The Chairperson and members of the commission are appointed by the Governor on the basis or recommendations of a committee comprising the chief minister as the chairperson, the speaker of the legislative assembly, the minister- in- charge of the home department and the leader of opposition in the legislative assembly as members.

The MPHRC has the following constituent Divisions:-

The Law Division is headed by Registrar. The Law Division is responsible for maintaining files and records of the various cases that are adjudicated by the Commission.

Whenever an order is issued by the Commission, the Law Division communicates the same to the authority concerned. All action-taken reports are also received by the Law Division and forwarded to the Chairperson and Members of the Commission.

Investigation Division is headed by an officer not below the rank of Inspector General of Police. Inspector General of Police and such other officers and staff as may be necessary for the efficient performance of the function of the state commission.

It deals with the overall management of General Administration, Establishment , stores/purchase and Accounts Sections.

The important function of the I& PR Division is to create human rights awareness through print/electronic media, website and printing of various publications, advocacy materials etc.